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Official: The Migrant Invasion of Europe Is Only Beginning!

The invasion of Europe has only begun.

Germany’s Development Minister had this sobering announcement about the tidal wave of immigration hitting Europe:

Gerd Müller said only 10 per cent of Syrian and Iraqi migrants have reached Europe so far and “eight to ten million are still on the way”, with even more to come from Africa.

“The biggest movements are ahead: Africa’s population will double in the coming decades,” he told Bild am Sonntag, adding: “In the Sahara up to one million people have died trying to escape.”

The European Commission, he added, has lost a significant amount of authority thanks to the crisis. “The protection of external borders is not working. Schengen has collapsed. A fair distribution of refugees has not taken place,” he said.

Via: Breitbart

Can Europe handle this? We already know that Muslim men are raping and assaulting thousands of women in Germany.

How long before whole European cities become  “no-go zones?”

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