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1,000 Pound Cow Makes a Break For It At Slaughterhouse

Apparently, the thought of being placed on a bun and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and ketchup, didn’t sound like an appealing option for one cow in Idaho.

The cow bolted from a slaughterhouse in Pocatello, and led police on a wild chase throughout the city.

Police actually shot the animal in the head as it ran toward a blockade but it still kept going. Witnesses claim they heard the cow singing Born Free during the pursuit.

Okay, I totally made up that last part. But the rest of the story rings true.

Via News Net 5:

A 1,000-pound cow being prepared for slaughter jumped a 6-foot fence and bolted through the streets of Pocatello before police shot and killed it following a lengthy pursuit.

Pocatello Police Chief Scott Marchand tells the Idaho State Journal that his officers fired two shots at the heifer because it posed a safety risk.

The cow had escaped from Anderson Custom Pack, a meat processing business, on Friday afternoon.

Early in the chase, an officer shot the cow in the head but the wounded animal kept running.

Here is news footage which actually includes a portion of the chase…


We’ve obtained exclusive video footage of the cow’s escape.


Alright, well we kind of took a few liberties with that one as well. That’s just funny right there.

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