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103-Year-Old Wonder Woman Celebrates Her Birthday in STYLE!

old woman

Mary Cotter just celebrated her 103rd birthday at the Montclair Senior Center in California, where she’s been volunteering for the last 25 years.

The Wonder Woman costume she wore at her birthday party was a gift from her friends, who say she is a real life superhero.

Time and age have not slowed the centenarian down. She still lives alone and drives to and from the center five days a week — rain or shine!

Cotter says the secret to her longevity has to do with her daily routine. And it’s pretty obvious if you stop and watch her for a moment.

In fact, she’s been busy for years. In 1930, Cotter helped her high-school win the state swim championship, she taught swimming to children into her 60s, and helped rescue sea turtles in her 90s.

Watch the news report on Mary below:

This is awesome! What would you want to do for your 100th birthday?

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