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13-Year-Old Conservative HAMMERED Obama for Who He Just Invited to the White House


13-year-old CJ Pearson would like to know exactly where President Obama’s priorities lie when he invites the Muslim “clock-maker kid” to the White House, but ignores the murders of Kate Steinle at the hands of an illegal immigrant, or the rampant shootings of police officers.

In just a few brief seconds, Pearson explained that Obama is ‘ignorant,’ ‘incompetent,’ and lacking in a basic understanding of reality.

Watch the young man’s devastating screed below…

Via Infowars:

A black middle schooler posted an epic video rant asking the president what his real priorities are, and pointing out a number of hard truths this week.

13-year-old CJ Pearson from Georgia focuses on the story of Obama inviting a muslim student to the White House after the kid was arrested in Texas for making a clock, which officials initially thought was a bomb.

Calling Obama “ignorant,” “incompetent” unable to grasp reality, Pearson notes that while the kid got an open invite from Obama, the families of gunned down cops and those killed by illegal immigrants are simply ignored.

“Mr. President, when Kate Steinle was gunned down by an illegal immigrant you didn’t do anything — you didn’t call the family or invite them to the White House. Is that okay? I don’t think so, Mr. President,” Pearson urges.

“And to go even further, Mr. President, when cops are being gunned down, you’re not inviting their families to the White House. You never did.” Pearson adds.

“But when a Muslim kid builds a clock? ‘Oh, come on by.’ What is this world you’re living in?” he asks the president.

Pearson didn’t stop there, delivering one truth bomb after another.

“You know, when the shooting in Chattanooga happened, it took you longer to lower the flag than it took you to light the White House in rainbow colors after the Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage,” he complained.

Pearson adds that inviting the clock-maker kid to the White House will help with his public perception amongst his extreme base, but the more important reach out effort should have been to the Steinle family or “the cops who are being gunned down every single day” because of the President’s actions.

“I’m sick and tired of it and I know the American people are, too,” he concludes.

Comment: Do you agree with this young man’s rant against President Obama?



  1. BJ says:

    Good job son, you told it as many of us want to. Stay strong, you will make a great leader. Watch your back, just in case.

  2. David says:

    God questions for Obama but he will not answer them.

  3. Phillip says:

    More propaganda from the right, police die for the same reason civilians die, America is the most violent peace time country ever in history of the world, and there is nothing Obama can do to minimize that, interesting this Black middle schooler failed to mention the inherent racism that exists in America that is constantly being taught to the children of America by their racist Adults or the Black men and women who have died under mysterious circumstances while in the custody of the police….

  4. Malissa says:

    I like this kid!!!!!!!!WOW! I hope Obummer sees this video, not that it will matter to him. He is too busy telling Americans what they can and can not do, while handing over Americans security to Iran. I pray that God will bring his just KARMA to him soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Frank says:

    This kid is phenomenal – CJ has nailed it on the head everytime.

    I have one question- if this was a nice Christian student would the results be the same? I doubt it – he’d be in jail awaiting terrorism charges. But let’s go all out for the Muslim student. Look what happens to the kindergarten kids who shape their pop tarts into a gun – holy hell breaks out. But be Muslim and build what could easily pass for a bomb – he gets invited to the WH – mind boggling.

  6. Mary says:

    If this kid was any older or old enough to run for an office, I would vote for him! Take that!!