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15-Year-Old Girl Started Hanging out With Adult Muslim Men… Then She Did the Unthinkable


Lisa Borch was a normal 15-year-old blonde haired, blue eyed teenager until she started watching ISIS beheading videos on social media. At least, that is what we are being led to believe.

After watching hours upon hours of footage of British hostages David Haines and Alan Henning being beheaded by ISIS, something changed in the Danish teen. She began a relationship with a 29-year-old Islamic extremist named Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdulla.

One day, Borch snapped. She called the police and told them they needed to get to her house immediately saying, “’I heard my mother scream, and I looked out the window and saw a white man running away. Please come here, there is blood everywhere.”

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When police arrived, they found Borch calmly watching Youtube videos. When police asked where her mother (pictured above) was, she merely pointed upstairs.

In checking a few websites on this story, I noticed almost every article implies that the ISIS videos that made her do what she did. It’s true that she watched ISIS videos, but her social circle was comprised of adult Muslim men.

I’ve seen ISIS videos myself, and I have no intention of doing what she did.

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She was influenced by the Muslim men she decided she wanted to pal around with. Stop blaming videos you see online, don’t you remember what happened with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and the Benghazi debacle?

According to the Daily Mail, police discovered her mother’s body upstairs with 20 stab wounds. Both Borch and Abdulla were said to have participated in the murder.

The two planned to flea to Syria and fight for ISIS after the killings. However, they were both quickly figured out and arrested.

Today, the pair was sentenced by a Danish court to nine years in prison for Borch and 13 years for Abdulla.

Source: Daily Mail



  1. Michael says:

    Well you now know where to go if you want to murder some one . they are very weak on murderers .

  2. Roger says:

    9 years….What a joke…should be the death penalty…….PERIOD…..KTN…..

  3. Nancy says:

    That’s not enough time. Should have gotten life.

    1. Donald says:

      Why life all that does is making the tax payers pay out more money for idiots sitting on their butts doing nothing. Life in prison should be automatic death sentences. Quit filling up the cells for other criminals who are walking our streets and around our children with murderers who should never be allowed back out among the people due to their willingness to commit violent crimes including murders.