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SHOCK VIDEO: Muslim Welfare Queens Want Your Money, AND Sharia Law

sharia law

There is a large amount of Muslims living in Minnesota.  Filmmaker Ami Horowitz decided to visit a highly-populated Somali neighborhood in Minneapolis and take a survey on living conditions. In the video, Horowitz asked the question “Do you feel more comfortable living under American law or Sharia law?”

A large number of them benefiting from city and state public support answered, “Sharia law.”

Another said, “I’m a Muslim. I prefer Sharia law.” Yet another agreed, “Of course, Sharia law.”

One young woman was asked if she preferred to live in America or Somalia. She answered easily, “For me, I think Somalia.”

Another man said he preferred Somalia and another preferred Saudi Arabia.

Horowitz says he’s not against immigration, which he sees as a great benefit to the USA, but he believes the alienation of American Muslims is growing and the trend is continuing.

Horowitz says, “These people are for the most part born in the United States or grew up in the United States.”

He continued, “We find among the Muslim immigrants in Europe and the United States that the first and second generation are more radical than their parents. Actually, not only are they not integrating as time goes on, as generations come by, there’s a larger alienation as more time passes.”

Check out this video:

H/T: Kenn Daily

This isn’t a new phenomenon, either. Check out this years-old report from Fox Business:

What do you think of this survey? Do you support sending them home to Somalia based on their answers? Share your views below in the comments section.