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In 2008 Comedian Adam Corolla Predicted This Man Would Be President In 2016!


If only he placed a little wager in Las Vegas eight years ago.

Audio has resurfaced of comedian Adam Corolla during a radio broadcast in 2008, proclaiming that Republican Donald Trump would become president.

“He’s gonna be president in eight years, you understand that everybody?” Corolla told his audience.

His co-host didn’t seem quite as thrilled by the prospect, responding with an audible “Ugh.”

CNN has the story:

If Donald Trump wins the White House in November, comedian and former “The Man Show” co-host Adam Carolla can claim credit for predicting the mogul’s rise back in 2008.

“He’s gonna be president in eight years, you understand that everybody?” Carolla said on his radio show back then.

His co-host at the time, Teresa Strasser, groaned as Carolla made the prediction. Carolla then said, “You understand Donald Trump is gonna be president. He’ll be president one day. It’ll be in our lifetime.”

Listen to Corolla’s prediction below:

Trump is currently the front runner for the GOP nomination, having secured significant primary victories in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada over the last three weeks.

Comment: What do you think of Corolla’s prediction? Will it turn out to be true? Will Trump win? Share your thoughts below.

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