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2014 Christmas Trend: This Small Gesture Makes a Big Difference

Toys R Us Layaway

Are you looking for a small way to make a big difference in a stranger’s life this year?

One of the top trends of the 2014 Christmas season is anonymously paying off layaway items for strangers.

These so-called “layaway angels” are picking up the tab for items that struggling families put on hold at stores like Toys-R-Us.

One woman, who wouldn’t give her name, reportedly spend $20,000 paying off the layaway accounts of strangers in Massachusetts. She told her local news station:

“These families are obviously struggling, and they’re putting things on layaway, and I’m able to help them. There’s never enough to do. There’s always more to do.”

What random act of kindness is your family planning on participating in this year?

H/T: Yahoo