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2016 GOP Delegate Count Destroys Liberal Media Narrative!

Politicians lie, but math never does.

That’s something to keep in mind over the coming weeks and months as the GOP Presidential primary moves forward. The media will not pick the winner of the contest, but rather, the delegates from around the country who attend the Republican convention in Cleveland.

And those numbers reveal something interesting:


Marco Rubio, the freshman Florida Senator who suffered a bad night in New Hampshire, has just one delegate less than Ted Cruz, who claimed yesterday that the contest was now a two-man race between him and Donald Trump.

And as for Jeb Bush, he has just one more delegate than Ben Carson, who the media tells us has no chance of winning.

Keep an eye on these numbers. They will change as more and more states vote. What each candidate is hoping for is to reach the magic number of 1,237 – that’s how many delegates a candidate needs to win the nomination.

H/T: redalertpolitics.com

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