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Pollster Reveals “Red Flags” about 2016 Election – This Changes Things

2016 Polls

A prominent pollster has sensed there are “red flags” about the direction of the 2016 campaign. It looks like to him that a major change is on the way, and it will have BIG implications.

Via The Hill:

Hillary Clinton is moving up in the polls, while there are red flags with the Donald Trump campaign, said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University poll.

“Her numbers have been gradually going up. There’s been a lot of missteps by Trump that have helped her, but she’s been moving up in the polls,” Molloy said on John Catsimatidis’ radio show “The Cats Roundtable.”
“There’s something significant going on – this shuffling of campaign staff with Trump. There are red flags with the Trump campaign right now, there’s no doubt about that,” he said

What does this mean? Is Trump done? Can he turn it around? Or is the media fix already in?

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Comments on “Pollster Reveals “Red Flags” about 2016 Election – This Changes Things”

  1. Neal says:


    Hillary has transitioned from “At this point what difference does it make”…to “I can’t be held accountable for your accurate perception that both Bill and I are wholly corrupt and have not only used our public positions to financially profit but also compromised and damaged the nation’s interests in the process.”

    I found out what the Clinton’s were from their days in Arkansas. I didn’t vote for Slick Willie and I certainly will not be voting for Slick Hillary for the same reasons. They both are crooks; they have lied and cheated their way in life, as well as in politics. Both have… broken the law, they have certainly side stepped or bent it to their well…They (just like Obama) think they are above the law (AND THEY ARE IF THEY ARE NEVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE).

    In the eyes of the “rule of law” you’re innocent until proven guilty. Very true, however in the eyes of public opinion and when evidence is destroyed or found to be lost by those under investigation and then they lie about it; you’re guilty until you can prove you’re innocent by providing that evidence.

    Just because the FBI and Justice Department refuse to hold her accountable doesn’t mean “We the People” can’t prevent her from further endangering our country. November is just around the corner, and the election is a perfect time to show Hillary Clinton that she’s not untouchable. She needs to suffer the consequences of her actions, and losing the presidency she so desperately seeks would be a great place to start.

    I still cannot believe that anyone with a few marbles rolling around upstairs would even think about voting for any Clinton.