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Brand New Poll In: What Is Trump Thinking About THIS?

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Another day, another new poll that is giving us a completely different result. Previous polls have shown Hillary and Trump trading leads. The difference now is that the Republican Convention has taken place. Did Trump get the traditional post convention bump?

Via CBS:

Donald Trump gets a small boost in support across the battleground states coming out of his convention: he is at 42 percent support now, up from 40 percent heading in, and it now pushes him slightly ahead of Hillary Clinton, who remains unchanged at 41 percent.

Republicans in the battleground states liked what they saw, much more so than independents, as the continued closeness of the contest and this limited movement – even after a convention – is another example of how staunch partisanship is both defining and constraining this race. Voters in this study were re-interviewed and had also registered their preferences before the convention. The vote change – such as it is – comes almost entirely from a handful of those voters who were undecided or unsure last week, and not from a conversion of voters who were previously with Clinton; Clinton’s support remains the same despite so much of the convention’s rhetorical focus on her and the Democrats.

What are your thoughts? Can Trump sustain this?

Will you support Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or another candidate? Share your thoughts!

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Comments on “Brand New Poll In: What Is Trump Thinking About THIS?”

  1. Brian says:

    It is not important what Trump thinks about this as he in the end has little control over the perceptions of the electorate. I can understand the hesitancy on the part of Independents to commit when the choices are as diametrically opposed and neither is popular, one a total PROVED incompetent and negligent, evil of temper madwoman I do NOT want in the presidency in Hillary Clinton; the other a loud, brash non-polished, political neophyte, but who IS a definitive leader and negotiator and a lifelong venture Capitalist who needs to secure more polished professionals in helping him present his case and to improve his public perception! For my own part; I am a disabled Vietnam veteran with a degree in government for 49 years, spent my last 18 months on active duty with the Army at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and saw firsthand the perks and the perversions of congressional patients and the preferential treatment at the height of the Vietnam war provided to them simply because they WERE members of Congress, most of whom regardless of party serve nothing and no one but themselves! Trump is and will be my only choice. If you value your freedoms, choices and the future of YOUR children, Trump is the ONLY viable candidate for all his shortcomings of perception. He is the best candidate and will do or try to what he says he will; to “Make America Great Again.” Hillary will destroy freedom period. The choice, for NOW, is yours but the lives and futures you will either save or destroy in any case: WILL BE YOUR OWN, and you should truly and soberly consider that vote BEFORE you make it.