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Important Battleground State Poll Has Trump And Hillary On High Alert!

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There are so many polls and it is hard to determine which ones matter and which don’t. The ones to really focus on, in this writer’s opinion, are polls of important battleground states. That is where the race really can changes.

Virginia is a big battleground state and Trump MUST win it in order to defeat Hillary. But this poll shows he has a tough road ahead.

Via CBSNews:

The battleground state of Virginia looks a little less like a battleground today, as Hillary Clinton has opened up a lead there of 49 percent to 37 percent, echoing some of the movement seen in national polls this week.


I know a lot of our initial reactions is to say these polls are biased and skewed. But remember, these were the same polls that showed Trump with a dominating lead throughout the primaries. What does this mean? We will keep you posted.

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