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You Won’t Believe How One Man Handles His Sister’s Abusive Husband!

When a man learns his sister and her child are being abused by her husband, he is initially unable to convince her to call the police. What the brother did next though to end the violence is perfect.



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Comments on “You Won’t Believe How One Man Handles His Sister’s Abusive Husband!”

  1. Barbara says:

    YES! He absolutely did the right thing. I did something similar once in a restaurant. I was at a local Shoneys, there was a grandmother there with her 11 yr. old and toddler grandchildren. She got up to take the toddler to the buffet bar, he taps me on the shoulder, says “Can you help me? My grandma did this on my arm with a cigarette.” I didn’t know them or her for sure, didn’t know character, total strangers, I simply told him “I want you to go to your Principal next school day and show them and tell them what you’ve shown and told me and they will get you the proper help you need, ok?” He shook his head yes. I didn’t want to make a scene and falsely accuse her in a public place and upset the baby, I also didn’t want HER accusing me of being a stranger and advising her grandson, so I felt that was the smartest thing to do. Sometimes you have to think fast and what works for the protection of everyone.