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23 States Have Said NO To Syrian “Refugees” – Is YOUR State On The List?

Syrian refugees

Over the last 48 hours, the governors of 23 states have said NO to the Obama administration, they will not accept any new Syrian refugees in light of the recent Paris terror attacks.

Some of the governors have said their states will flat out refuse refugees while other governors say they want a review of current vetting procedures for refugees.

Syrian refugees

Current reports indicate that it is extremely likely that at least one of the Paris terrorists was a Syrian refugee who was only in France for a matter of weeks before taking part in the attacks.

Earlier this year, President Obama announced a plan to house over 100,000 refugees, including Syrians, in the United States over the coming months.

Syrian refugees

Legal experts say that governors and state governments have no power to stop the placement of refugees directly, but they can make the process extremely difficult. According to a CNN report:

American University law professor Stephen I. Vladeck put it this way: “Legally, states have no authority to do anything because the question of who should be allowed in this country is one that the Constitution commits to the federal government.” But Vladeck noted that without the state’s participation, the federal government would have a much more arduous task.

“So a state can’t say it is legally objecting, but it can refuse to cooperate, which makes thing much more difficult.”

I hear the legal experts talking, but I don’t believe that for one second. You can’t tell a state where and what they are going to accept. In my opinion, that’s government tyranny.

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