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27-Year Old Sexual Predator Caught Trying to Abduct 12-Yr Old; You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

It’s every father’s worst nightmare. Finding your daughter missing in the middle of the night.

Tim LeBlanc of Perris, CA discovered his 12 year old daughter missing from her bedroom and her window ajar.

Hero Dad

LeBlanc and his oldest son hopped into the car and began looking for the young girl in the neighborhood. The pair luckily found her being shoved into a vehicle.

As they approached the scene, LeBlanc confronted the suspect and according to local media reports:

“He had this door open about this wide and had his arm around my daughter and was kind of sweeping her in, putting her into the truck,” LeBlanc said, gesturing to where he pulled up.

“He’s lying to me, telling me, ‘Oh, I’m 16.’ And there was no way. He was obviously a grown man,” LeBlanc said. “He was talking sexually, sending pictures of himself naked.”

LeBlanc grabbed the man, threw him to the ground, held him there and took his picture while he waited for police to arrive. When authorities did arrive they discovered the “16 year old” was actually 27 year old Scott Stilwell.

Stilwell was charged with intention to commit a sexual act with a minor and sending harmful material to a minor.

Some say this guy got off easy, what would you have done? Share this story on facebook and twitter and add your comments below.

H/T – CBS Los Angeles