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3-Year-Old Receives a Traffic Ticket – What!?!

3-year-old Declan Tramley was caught red-handed. The Canadian toddler received a “ticket” from Halifax Police Constable Shawn Currie for stopping his tricycle illegally on the side of the road.

The prank was cooked up by Tramley’s father in coordination with the officer, who agreed to write the ticket. The officer said it was nice to show a more fun side of the police.

“We’re not always making arrests and hauling people away,” he said. “We like to have fun.”


“Remember, no motorcycle parking in the circle by the ferry terminal,” the Halifax Police Department wrote on Twitter. “This ruthless biker was caught yesterday!”

His reaction was priceless.

Declan was apparently thrilled at the prospect of getting to keep his fake ticket. “He loves his ticket,” his mother told CTV News. “He tried to go to sleep with his ticket.”

We’re not so sure if Declan will be as excited when he gets his first ticket as an adult.

H/T: Mashable