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4 Reasons Americans Should Care About Latest Violence in Israel

violence in israel

Yesterday, Israel saw one of the most brutal attacks it has experienced in recent history. In less than ten minutes, two men armed with a gun and meat cleavers, took the lives of five men (four rabbis and a Druze guard who saved the lives of many) in a most brutal fashion. Sadly, this is just one of many terrorist incidents to take place across the country since this summer’s war to end a constant barrage of indiscriminate rocket fire and the construction of tunnels into Israel, which were built to perpetrate a massive terror attack.

While all of this news has the tendency to fall on deaf American ears, there are several reasons why this violence taking place half a world away has very real implications for Americans; here are five of many:

1. More Americans have been killed by Palestinian terrorists than ISIS: Yesterday’s attack in Israel didn’t just kill four Israeli rabbis. Three of the four men were dual American citizens with deep ties to their home country (the fourth was a Briton). Memorial services took place in Brookline, a Jewish town near Boston, in memory of one of the men who used to live there.

2. When terror is ignored abroad, it comes to America to roost: Before 9/11, the international community had experienced its fair share of terrorism. The United States and her interests weren’t immune either – as evidenced by the USS Cole bombing. We took little action in the aftermath of these attacks, even when they were perpetrated against our own soldiers, which emboldened Osama bin Laden further.

3. Uncertainty and war in Israel shakes its economy – and ours: Israel is the home of one of the most successful and innovative technology centers in the world. Built out of the sands in what was formerly desert, Israel’s own Silicon Valley in Tel Aviv has created some of the technology you use every day and is home to the most engineers and startups per capita than anywhere else in the world.

4. Violence against Jews is contagious: In the wake of yesterday’s attack in Jerusalem, New York City’s synagogues increased their own security. A Jewish man in Brooklyn, visiting from Israel, was the target of an anti-Semitic hate crime after being kicked and beaten with an umbrella by assailants yelling “dirty bloody Jew” and other anti-Semitic epithets.

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Comments on “4 Reasons Americans Should Care About Latest Violence in Israel”

  1. Robert says:

    Israel is the foundation on which Christianity was built. Islam was built on a foundation of mysogeny and violence. America should cease all trade and aid and travel to any country ruled by or supporting Islam. Without our dollars they will not be able to maintain their terrorist ways.