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5 Actual Common Core Math Problems That Will Make You Want to Pull Your Hair Out

Common Core has been criticized to no end over the confusing experimental methods for solving basic math problems. Here are the top 5 most ridiculous actual common core math problems:

1. I’m not sure what a “number bond” is, but it looks a lot more complicated than memorizing 7+7=14.

common core 7


2. An Electrical Engineer even thinks that the Common Core method is madness.

common core 1


3. Do you understand this visual representation of numbers? Is this really better than the old fashioned way?

common core 3


4. This kid knows how to do real addition, but his teacher disagrees.


5. Last but not least, this word problem that states the answer in the first sentence of the problem:

common core 5


BONUS: The letter that this school sent out to parents re-defining math terms is absolutely insane.

common core 6

Is it time to demand that Common Core be repealed, and the federal government stop experimenting on America’s children?