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5 Times Liberal College Students Proved Their Parents’ Money Is Being Wasted

College Student

2015 may well go down as the year of the college student. Or maybe the year that we were all ashamed of college students.

Yes, this past year gave rise to entitled liberal brats on college campuses demanding the repeal of the First Amendment, demanding free college tuition for all, and demanding ‘safe spaces,’ areas in which students are not subjected to big, scary words.

Let’s take a look back at some low-lights involving college students in 2015.

Ithaca College

Students at Ithaca College demanded that their president resign due to perceived inaction against ‘systemic racism’ on campus. The alleged racism involved a student who called herself a ‘savage’ but then was offended when others called her the same thing, as well as a party held by an unaffiliated fraternity which had a theme of ‘Preps & Crooks.’ The crooks, you see, were a racial stereotype because they wore baggy pants.

University of Delaware

Students taking part in a Black Lives Matter protest were “saddened and disturbed” when they found “nooses” hanging from a tree hours after a rally was held at the University of Delaware. The school went so far as to label the findings as a hate crime. Until it was later discovered that the so-called ‘nooses’ were actually lantern hangers, placed there several weeks earlier.

Missouri University

A beloved professor at Missouri was forced to resign after refusing to cancel an exam when some students said they didn’t feel safe going to class after anonymous online threats.

Northeastern University

This isn’t so much about the university as a whole as it is about one person – Keely Mullen, a national organizer for a group which demands tuition-free college. Mullen’s liberal ideology left her unarmed in a debate about how to pay for such things during this excruciating interview with Neil Cavuto.

It’s worth watching the entire exchange, but perhaps the most telling exchange is this. After mentioning her platform of “tuition-free public college, cancellation of all student debt, and a $15 minimum wage for all campus workers,” Cavuto asks “And how’s that going to be paid.”

To which Mullen responds, “Um, great question … Uh, I mean, ya know, so …”

Yale University

After complaining that Halloween costumes are culturally insensitive to their fragile little minds, a professor emailed a relatively harmless response that voiced concerns of censorship.

That didn’t sit well with the precious little student body darlings, who held a campus protest against the professor. When that professor’s husband tried to diffuse the situation while standing up for free speech, one particular student threw a tantrum which was caught on video.

Comment: What do these demonstrations of liberal academia say about the state of college campuses today? Share your thoughts below.


Comments on “5 Times Liberal College Students Proved Their Parents’ Money Is Being Wasted”

  1. Fred says:

    obama and the left built this. They have been in control of our education system for 50+ years and driven us to #56 in world education rankings.