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5-Year-Old Sees a Homeless Man for the First Time… Then He Did Something That Will Make Your Day!


With Russia, Syria, and Kim Kardashian dominating the headlines, it’s easy to lose your faith in humanity. So here’s something to warm the cockels of your heart.

Upon entering their local Waffle House in Alabama, 5 year-old Josiah Duncan saw something he’d never seen before: a homeless man.

Concerned, Josiah began asking his mother, Ava Faulk,¬†questions about the man’s situation, and when he discovered that the man was begging for food, asked if his mom would buy him a meal.

She agreed, and the homeless man, whose name in still unknown, was treated to a terrific meal, despite the staff being hesitant at first to serve him.

But the best part of the tale is when the food arrived. Before tucking in, Josiah insisted he say grace with the man before. It was a gesture, so his mother claims, that left everyone in the restaurant in tears.

WSFA.com Montgomery Alabama news.

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