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You Won’t Believe What The Feds Gave This College $500K For


Your tax dollars are hard at work again, this time being put to use examining “microaggressions.”

For the readers fortunate to have not yet been exposed to the macro-insanity of “microaggressions,” according to RationalWiki, “A microaggression is a relatively minor act of bigotry or discrimination, usually unconscious or unintended, against a minority, a marginalised group, or an individual belonging to a marginalised group.”

Examples include asking people where they’re from, the phrase “I believe the most qualified worker should get the job,” the term “illegal alien,” and thousands of other things you wouldn’t even believe.

Prepare to pony up for research into this nonsense. There’s no market for this kind of “research” in the real world, so you can bet that government is going to be funding it. As Reason reports:

The University of Michigan is conducting a study on male engineering students to determine whether their unconscious biases—microaggressions—are driving women out of the field. The study is funded via the National Science Foundation, which means taxpayers coughed up more than $500,000 for it.

Men are more likely than women to go into engineering, and researchers want to know if sexism plays a role in that. This study involves male engineering students being recorded while they interact with their female counterparts.

One study that comes to mind was one reported on in the New York Times in 2014. Columnist Catherine Rampell points out that ” The majority of new college grads are female, yet women receive only 29 percent of bachelor’s degrees in economics each year.” Why? Because women are more likely than men to drop the major after receiving B’s in introductory economics courses.

If men are less likely to drop majors where they receive low grades, and since vigorous majors in the STEM category have the lowest average GPAs, it should be clear why there are more men in those fields. No additional research needed.

The abstract states:

The goal of Study One is to identify the specific types of microaggressions (e.g., ignoring women’s contributions or assigning women to less important tasks) occurring in videotaped laboratory-based engineering teams. Researchers will develop a reliable microaggressions assessment procedure, and will analyze effects on engineering outcomes (learning, performance, and persistence). In Study Two, the lab-based data will be supplemented with qualitative data reported by students who previously participated in an engineering student group project, via student focus groups. Study Three will examine the influence of microaggressions occurring in class-based teams on engineering outcomes over time.

Heck, for $500,000, I’d “research” this stuff!

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