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6 Ways to Use Your Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers

So you made a 15-pound bird expecting more guests, but now you have several pounds of leftover cooked turkey sitting in your fridge this Friday morning. What could you possibly do with so much poultry? Here are six ideas to make sure you don’t waste any of that precious bird.

1. Turkey sandwich: You can’t get more traditional than the leftover turkey sandwich on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Kraft has a highly rated recipe (yes, sometimes sandwiches require a recipe) to use up some of that leftover meat.

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2. Turkey & stuffing turnovers: I first saw this recipe in People Magazine, but sadly, it was locked behind a paywall. The inspiration led me to look for alternatives online and this rendition of a turkey turnover from A Family Feast looks like an easy and delicious way to use up some of the meat you’ve got in your fridge.


3. Pumpkin turkey chili: Stay in the Thanksgiving spirit with this pumpkin turkey chili. This is the perfect recipe if you’re planning on partaking in some Black Friday shopping. Throw it in your crockpot on Friday morning, and treat yourself to it after a long day of shopping. This AllRecipes recipe is in our family’s menu rotation during the fall months for good reason.


4. Turkey tetrazzini: This is a to-die for casserole made with roasted turkey, mushrooms, heavy cream, and egg noodles which will make a beautiful post-Thanksgiving Sunday dinner for your family that will last as leftovers in themselves for Monday’s lunch.


5. Turkey pot pie: The Pioneer Woman has one of the best pot pie recipes I’ve ever had, and definitely one of the easiest. Instead of making the crust like she does, we used store-bought puff-pastry dough and put the fillings in individual ramekins. These are freezable inside the ramekins if you can’t quite get to eating them in time.


6. Turkey enchilada casserole: After spending all day in the kitchen on Thursday, make the casserole dish in your kitchen your best friend. This simple and filling turkey enchilada casserole from Taste of Home will be sure to please the whole family.


And,  you can always send home leftover with your guests along with these recipes, too!