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65 Lies from Barack Obama… All in 1 Entertaining Video!

President Barack Obama has trouble telling the truth. The former community organizer has learned from Saul Alinsky, as he bends and shapes reality to fit his political objective.

Refresh your memory and share this with your friends… There are so many lies that it’s hard to keep them all straight. Enjoy!



  1. Sal says:

    This man is a criminal and an enemy of the state.

  2. Mark says:

    He makes me sick to my stomach.
    What is worse people are still believing his lies.

    1. Peggy says:

      Yeh – Earlene above. She’s now paying more for Medicare because he raised the rate to subsidize Medicaid and Obamacare but she still loves the man.

  3. William says:

    I Could Not Watch Anymore After #6 It Made Me Sick To My Stomach !, We Should Just Listen To Him From Now On And KNOW That It IS Going To Be A Lie And Expect The EXACT OPPOSITE ! . This Man Could NOT Know The Truth If It Slapped Him In The Face !. There Are Not Enough Words To Express How ANGRY This Makes Me That This POS Can Blatantly LIE To The Faces Of American That Put In In This Vacation Paradise That He Enjoys At The Taxpayers Expense !. I Have NO Problem With ANY Official Taking Vacations As Long As They Deserve Them, And From What I Have Seen … He Deserves NOTHING But The Boot In The Ass He So Needs ! This Man Is A Universal FAILURE, A Narcissistic Elitist ASS Who Cares For NO ONE But Himself !

    1. Earlene says:

      he is far better president than that thing before him. If he had any help from those racist bigots in the Senate this country would be number one again

      1. Peggy says:

        Really why? Racist bigots? You are truly one intelligent person if all you can do in make that comment. You just watched him lie lie lie lie and yet you still defend him.

        You really need to go to the History channel and watch the serious entitled Hitler, the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. It is so parallel that it’s scary. People were brainwashed and followed Hitler like he was God. You week to be in the category.

      2. Peggy says:

        You do know that he was dancing and partying and too busy to attend the funeral of the highest ranking military general that has been killed in combat right? At least GWB attend. Also GWB puts on a huge picnic about once a month for wounded warriors where he pays for everything.

        Judging from the PIC you are probably on SS and Medicare right? Do you like that he is making you pay more for your Medicare premiums so he can subsidize the free Medicaid in Obamacare?

        Do like that people like my mother lost 1/4 of her retirement money because he appointed a Wall Street crook named Steve Rattner to be the Car Czar when GM went into bankruptcy? Yup Steve gave the unions everything and let the bondholder loose their money when they were secured creditors and the Union pension fund never got cut or mentioned. So all GM profits for a lot of years will go straight to the Unions because they got all the stock.

        I also loved paying for Solyndra – At least GWB turned them down because they were not he verge of bankruptcy. But hey Solyndra gave Obama a lot of campaign money so he paid them back as they were going bankrupt and his advisors told him not to.

        Or how about the doctor I could keep and now can’t because she’s out of my policy? Or I was paying about $250.. per month and now have to pay $375 for my healthcare.

      3. Saints says:

        Are you serious? lmbo