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7 Year-Old On A Mission To Deliver THESE to Every NYPD Officer

Zachary Becerra

A 7 year-old Brooklyn boy is on a superhero mission in his own right, delivering superhero cards to every NYPD officer by hand to thank them for their service to the community. Zachary Becerra heard of the tragic shooting deaths of officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, and decided he had to do something to help raise the spirits of his real life superheros in blue. Thus far, Becerra has visited over 52 precincts in New York City, hand-delivering well over 2,000 cards. Via Fox News Insider:

Zachary Becerra may only be 7 years old, but he’s on a mission to hand-deliver superhero cards to every police officer to thank them for their service. When Becerra heard about the deaths of detectives Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, he was crushed and wanted to do something. Zachary and his mom, Rosa Ortiz, have dedicated nearly every Saturday since December to visiting New York police officers. So far they’ve gone to 52 precincts, seven transit units, two housing units and 13 specialty units.

Here are some of mom’s twitter images chronicling Zachary’s efforts to spread joy to the men and women in blue.

Following the killings of Ramos and Liu, the NYPD was so upset with their far-left, race-baiting mayor Bill de Blasio, that they turned their backs on him when he attended services for their fallen colleagues. Officers were fed up with the Mayor, who had referred to police action in the Eric Garner ‘I can’t breathe’ case as being guided by “centuries of racism.” He even claimed he had to tell his son Dante, who is biracial, that he should never reach for his cellphone when interacting with police because the action ‘might be misinterpreted if it was a young man of color’ by police.

The mayor spent months prior to the shooting deaths of Ramos and Liu stoking racial tensions in the community. Now, a 7 year-old boy is showing the entire city how you should treat those who serve and protect.  Maybe de Blasio should take some notes.

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