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700 Lb Bully Publicly Mocked Bodybuilders – How They Responded Is SHOCKING!

You wouldn’t think that a 700lb man would take to a bodybuilding forum to mock the bodybuilders – but that’s not even the most unlikely part of this story.

Enter¬†Jesse Shand, who was once a 28 year old, 700 pound internet troll. He spent his days playing videos games, and messing with people online to try to upset them. It’s the only thing he felt gave him a boost, as he never did so much as even leave his home.

That all changed when he took to a bodybuilding forum to try to mess with its participants. Rather than provoke an angry response, a number of members demanded to see a photo of Shand, and he provided one.

What happened next is amazing.

Not a single member of the forum mocked him for his weight. Instead, they provided him with advice to lose weight Рand deflected every excuse Shand could provide to ignore his problem.

Watch the inspirational story below:

Oh – and he’s not an internet bully anymore, either!

H/T Inspire More

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