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The 8 Hottest Stories of 2014

Readers of Headline Politics know that this is where you’ll find all of the hottest stories – not just about politics, but about sports, culture, entertainment, or life in general.

We had some pretty hot stories this past year, so let’s review eight stories that readers found the most buzzworthy.

8)  Marine Sees Mexican Flag Flying Above American Flag, Quickly Fixes It

A business was flying a Mexican flag above an American flag, and a veteran rectified the situation by cutting both flags down and taking the American flag home “in honor of (his) country.”


7)  Woman Talks Back to Judge, Gets 300 Days In Jail

A woman being sentenced for domestic violence and assault was receiving a fairly lenient bond sentence. Then she opened her mouth. Her disrespect in the courtroom earned her 300 days in jail.

Watch …


6)  Muslim Student Compares HAMAS to America, Professor Puts Her in Her Place

Watch as one young fool asks Professor David Horowitz if terrorists organizations such as ISIS and Hamas – which often fight without uniforms – are the same as the American patriots who fought under General George Washington’s leadership.


5)  Congresswoman Suggests Journalists Beheaded By ISIS Brought It On Themselves

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) said that the recent beheadings of American journalists does not justify air strikes by the U.S., even going so far as to suggest the atrocities were committed because “we were on their ground.”

Take a look …


4)  Islamic Kindergarten Teacher Argues Classroom Should Be Sharia Compliant

The video was the story here, as a journalist absolutely destroys the teacher’s arguments, stating that the woman’s Islam-inspired veil was just an excuse to wear a mask, then gets her to admit she never wore her clothing to the interview for the job.

She is literally left speechless …


3)  Obama Fails to Salute Marine, Goes Back And Does So For Cameras

While on his way to Europe, Obama passes a Marine and doesn’t salute. Then after realizing how this departure was probably video-taped, returned outside and gave a weak half-salute before going back inside.


2)  Muslim Woman Calls Officer Racist For Asking to See Her License … Gets Six Months In Jail For Filing A False Complaint

Carnita Matthews, a woman who always wears an Islamic burqa, received a citation for not properly showing her license as required by state law. When asked to step out of her car, she repeatedly told the police officer that his actions were racist and discriminatory (above) as she is not allowed to reveal her face.

Watch …


1)  Is God Defending the American Border?

Drone footage suggests that while President Obama may be reluctant to protect our borders, maybe God himself isn’t.  A mile-long crevice opened up near the Mexican border in Arizona.  Check it out …

What other stories do you find most interesting in 2014?