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School’s War On Kids Continues – This 8th Grader Got In Trouble For WHAT?

8th Grader

A Florida 8th grader just wanted to show support for a friend who needed it. But a quick hug before school has earned her a detention.

Ella attends Jackson Heights Middle School. The school district bans “inappropriate touching,” but leaves interpretation up to the principals. Ella’s principal sees hugging or touching a friend as being a public display of affection. Apparently, this school is attempting to foster a very sterile environment.

Kathy Fishbough, Ella’s mom, told Click Orlando she felt the detention was unwarranted and against the nature of junior high students who want to support each other.

“I do think about inappropriate touching and boys and girls of this age having feelings for one another, but that’s not what we’re dealing with here. And if administration can’t tell the difference between a friendly, ‘How are you doing’ hug and an inappropriate hug, then I think we have another big problem.

I did ask the principal, if something happened in our family, and she needed to console her cousin or her cousin wanted to console her, would she get in trouble? She said, ‘Yes, ma’am. She would get a PDA.”

After this detention, Ella is now afraid to touch anyone. While the government is trying to foster more compassion towards people, this seems like an incredibly disruptive policy.

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How would you react if your 8th grader got a detention for hugging a friend? Please comment below.

H/T: Click Orlando



  1. Bobby says:

    What are our School Districts coming to ??? … Many going over board with the induction of Islam to detentions because a boy is playing with toy guns in his own yard to things as hugging …

    When are parents going to stand up to these school districts and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ???

    Schools are to educate our children on academic subjects … Not to dictate one personal Rights to be human nor to propagate our children’s religious thinking … The parents of this school ought to come together in a class action law suit over their rues and regulations …

  2. Ronald says:

    How? I would find a school run you human beings instead of government issued robots! This is insane! I substituted for 5 years in elementary and Jr. High, and never once saw an incident of touching I considered inappropriate during school hours. Seems to me the administration needs the services of a mental health professional.

  3. Eva says:

    I believe I would look at another school, probably a private one.
    I do not understand why schools have gone nuts, cannot discipline those that really need it, yet go off the deep end for something like this. Cut back on expenses and spring for private school, many are worth the sacrifice.

  4. aberdeenvet says:

    What kind of reaction would be espoused when two LGBT youth are “caught” expressing a public display of affection? Would they both be dispatched to purgatory, or would the act be ignored in light of the image of the impending doom of LGBT activist intervention that would be too much to be handled by the adults in this situation?
    The nonsense of the progressive liberal socialist democrats has brought the intelligence level of our nation to new lows in order to maintain their power over the people.

  5. Iwanna says:

    The schools are pulling stupid stunts like this to avoid lawsuits!!! The only way to counteract the schools behavior is to sue them!!!!! Sue the teacher, principal, superintendent, board of education, individual board members and the school district for any and all infringement of the child’s freedom!!!!!!!
    When they learn they will have a lawsuit any way they turn, then maybe they will wake up to their stupidity!!!!!!!!!

  6. Irene says:


    1. Montie says:

      Their heads are NOT in the sand. They are in a bodily orifice. These people (school board members and administration , throughout the country need psychiatric incarceration.

  7. David says:

    the government is RULING AGAINST THE PEOPLE ; so what else could you expect from a federal indoctrination center?

    1. James says:

      On the dot….On the DOT.