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97 Year-Old Finishes THIS Goal 80 Years In The Making! Incredible!


Margaret Thome Bekema was supposed to graduate from high school in 1936, but then her mother passed away. Giving up on her dream, Margaret dropped out to care for her siblings.

She worked for the U.S. military doing clerical work and then was a preschool teacher, but she always pined for her high school diploma.

But those days are behind her. Grand Rapids Catholic Central High recently bestowed the 97 year old with an honorary diploma.

Principal Greg Deja issued a press release announcing Mrs. Bekema’s diploma and her new rank as being an alumna of the school.

“Catholic Central is proud to honor Margaret with the diploma she should have received long ago. Even though Margaret never officially completed high school, her story as a former Catholic Central student has impacted the school and our community. The selfless way Margaret lived her life truly embodies Catholic Central’s core values and we are proud to now officially claim her as a Catholic Central alumna.”

Deja awarded Bekema her diploma at Yorkshire and Stonebridge Manors where she lives. The new graduate was emotional as her dream finally became a reality.

After receiving her diploma, Mrs. Bekema showed off it off to family and friends while expressing her gratitude.

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H/T: Viral Nova