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99 Year-Old Woman Woke From A Nap … And Found THIS On Her Lap!

When you reach almost one-hundred years-old, you’ve earned the right to kick back and enjoy the occasional midday siesta.

But one Miami resident might want to rethink her sleeping habits, because when she woke from a nap last week, she found thisĀ  licking her face:


The unnamed woman screamed from help, and locals soon captured the beast, which had retreated into the woman’s attic in distress.

The mammal is called a kinkajou, and, as the news report reveals below, a quick examination by the veterinarian revealed it to be in good health. Even better, it was soon reunited with its owner, who had lost it while having work done on his house.

Sleep tight, America!

What would you do if you found a kinkajou in your house? Let us know below!