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A 68-Year Old Grandma – aka “The Punisher” – is Ready to KILL ENEMIES (WATCH)

Ekaterina Bilyik, 68-year-old math teacher in western Ukraine is MUCH tougher than your Grandmother. (No offense, Grandma!)

She is volunteering to train for fights with pro-Russian separatists in case they arrive. And she is known as “The Punisher” for what she says she plans to do to them with her riffle.

“Maybe such a time will come that I will be able to stand with the gun. What if I’m given a gun and not know how to fire? If everyone among us appreciates the homeland, then we will have victory,” Ms. Bilyik told Ukraine Today.

A spokesman for the Ukrainian army told the Daily Mail on Tuesday that the grandmother was able to pass a series of military tests required of all volunteers.

“I have lived here all my life and we survived the Nazi occupation and the Soviets, and I believe in standing up for what’s right and making sure we never see occupation again,” Ms. Bilyik said, the Daily Mail reported.

via The Washington Times

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