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A Dad Was Pulled Over For Speeding But How the Officer Decided Whether to Ticket Him Will SHOCK You


It’s funny, I was just talking to my son last night and he asked me when my last ticket was. I couldn’t remember, which is a good thing on so many levels. I could not imagine being in the position of being pulled over by a State Trooper, cited for speeding and watching the officer give my fate to my children. I would have been floored.

Actually, I think I would have tried to work some mental telepathy to get out of everything with just a slap on the wrist. That’s not what happened with this surprised father who was pulled over for speeding in Indiana.

He probably went to the glove compartment to retrieve his car registration and prepared to go through routine questions with the officer, but this time things were different. The trooper saw the driver’s daughter, young Ashley Ellrich, and decided to give her the opportunity to decide her father’s fate.

“I went up to the daughter’s side and gave her the opportunity to be a state trooper for about five minutes,” trooper Darrick Scott of the Indiana State Police told WRTV.

Ashley was given the trooper’s hat and with that, the power to make the big decision of giving her father a ticket. She chose ‘yes’.

“I was very surprised when she made that decision. It’s just reassuring to know that there are people out there that are very supportive of law enforcement,” said trooper Darrick Scott.

We’re guessing her dad was a bit surprised by her decision as well, which he probably demonstrated with a nervous smile. Trooper Scott overruled Ashley this time and let her father go with a warning. Ashley’s relieved dad posted a picture of Ashley with the trooper’s hat to his Facebook page and said he slowed down after the warning he was given. He suggests we all do because “life is too precious,” which is how we should all feel after getting a ticket.

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