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A Fitting Tribute for an American Hero

A newborn baby in Poland now carries the name of an American soldier who sacrificed his own life to save the child’s father in Afghanistan.

In 2013, Staff Sgt. Michael Ollis shielded Polish soldier Lt. Karol Cierpica from the blast of an insurgent’s suicide vest, and lost his own life in doing so.

Cierpica and his wife recently introduced a new baby boy into the world, whom they named Michael as a tribute to the man who saved his life.

The Ollis family showed their gratitude by sending the family a teddy bear made out of their son’s Army fatigues.

Here is a picture of the baby with his Army teddy bear …


Via Staten Island Live:

A newborn baby in Poland carries the name of a hero soldier from Staten Island who died two years ago saving the life of the infant’s father.

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Michael Ollis, 24, a lifelong resident of New Dorp, sacrificed his life on Aug. 28, 2013, while shielding Lt. Karol Cierpica from a suicide bomber in Afghanistan.

Earlier this month, the Polish soldier became the proud father of a baby boy he named in honor of Ollis.

Robert Ollis and his wife, Linda, called the tribute to their son “unexpected” and “wonderful.”

They’re hoping to meet “Little Michael” in person next time Cierpica visits them in New York. Last summer, the Ollises traveled to Poland, where they visited with Cierpica and his wife and the Polish soldiers who’d served at the same base in Afghanistan with Sgt. Ollis and Cierpica.

“We’d like to see them again soon with Little Michael,” Ollis said.

The Ollis family started a charity in their son’s name last year – the SSG Michael Ollis Freedom Foundation.

Share your thoughts on both of these soldiers – Ollis’ heroism and Cierpica’s appreciation – in the comments section below.