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A Homeless Veteran Is Moved to Tears After a Stranger Shows Kindness — Must Watch

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A young man MrKhalidmax999, was getting gas one day and saw a homeless man asking for change.

This happens all too often these days as the Obama economy has been hurting everyone and the strain has torn as the fabric of America. Many of us hope we never have to get to a place where we are homeless, but we have sympathy and empathy for those who are.

You’ve seen men and women standing at stores asking for change and yes while some are running scams because they don’t want to work, there are some genuine ones that really seek and need your help.

A few of us might actually stop and give the less fortunate change, but this person went one stop further.

He bought the man lunch, and then did something nobody would ever think of, he made plans to meet him every day to make sure he gets at least one meal a day.

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How awesome is that?

This positive video has gone viral with over 444,000 views in less than a week!

Check out the video:

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h/t – MrKhalidmax999