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Abortion Barbie’s Pink Sneakers Being Replaced… By ‘Stand For Life’ Boots

Wendy Davis, the failed Democrat gubernatorial candidate in Texas, became famous solely for an 11-hour filibuster in which she argued a woman’s right to late-term abortions. The filibuster propelled her status in liberal spheres, and turned her pink running sneakers – the footwear of choice whilst arguing to terminate the lives of children – into what liberal anti-life pundits called ‘iconic.’

In her quest to become Texas governor, Davis had to give up her seat in the Texas senate. Ironically, the seat was captured by pro-life Tea Party activist, Konni Burton.

Burton was sworn in as the new Texas state senator in the 10th district yesterday.

Fittingly, Burton isn’t simply replacing the woman who has come to be known as ‘Abortion Barbie’ in the Senate. She’s also replacing the ‘iconic’ pink sneakers.

With these …

Burton posted on her Facebook page (H/T Twitchy):

Good morning! Today at noon is the swearing in ceremony! Thank you again, for this honor of representing you! It’s a new day and because of that, I wanted to step out and represent that in a visible way. No more pink shoe drama for SD 10!

Is there anything more symbolic than a liberal pair of pink running shoes being replaced by a bad-ass pair of conservative ‘Stand for Life’ boots?

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