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Abusive Teacher EMBARRASSES Young Girl in Front of Everyone… But She Has the LAST LAUGH! (VIDEO)


This student probably did something wrong. But as you can tell from the teacher’s actions, he goes WAY overboard, and mistreats her. This sort of verbal abuse is unacceptable anywhere, but is especially embarrassing in front of classmates. Here is a translation, so you can see just how mean this guy is.

Translation of the conversation:

Teacher: “Very well. Tell me… what lesson are we having today? What lesson did you come to? What lesson are we having today? Which?

Girl whispers: “English.”

Teacher: “English! Very good. And in the English language, are there any pronouns? Yes, there are. Tell me please, what is this?”

Girl says: “I.”

Teacher: What letter is this? Read. What letter is it? What is this? WHAT IS THIS?”

Girl: “You.”

Teacher: “You! Good job. Finally. And ‘you’ is what? Well? You is… (pause) You is ‘toy’ (Russian word for ‘you.’)”

But as you can see… she teaches him a lesson he will NEVER forget? Do you agree?