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Actor David Spade Calls Out Obama For Being Too THIRSTY For Attention!


I get what he appears to be struggling to communicate. Why do we need a president that feels the need to show up on reality shows, cooking shows, etc. I think it’s important for a president and First Lady to find a way to relate to the average citizen, but I don’t feel like the method is through self gloating programs made to promote people in a commercialized sense.

“I criticized Obama because I thought, you know, a president should have a little more dignity than – I mean, I realize that Woodrow Wilson went on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ once, but what president’s doing reality shows?” Spade told TMZ in a video posted on Sunday. “It just sounds weird to me, you know, it’s just too much.”

“Like, he’s on GQ – I’m like, leave that to Bradley Cooper,” he added. “You don’t need to go – the president, you’re above all of us, you’re above stars, you’re above everything. When he’s trying to get in the mix, like, I want to present at the MTV Awards – all right guy, you got it, relax.”

“It just seems a bit thirsty to me, that’s all.”

Let’s see, lowest workforce participation rate since the Carter administration, middle class being decimated, income gap between rich and poor has become larger during his administration, national debt more than doubled — after he excoriated the previous administration over this very thing, lowest sustained GDP, millions of people losing their health insurance and being forced into high deductible, high priced plans. Yeah, I’d say you have a winner there.

For those of us who live in the real world, eh, not so much.

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Comments on “Actor David Spade Calls Out Obama For Being Too THIRSTY For Attention!”

  1. Dave says:

    It appears to me that it’s David Spade who is thirsty for attention. Why should I care what he thinks?