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Actor Rob Lowe Couldn’t Take The Bernie Sanders Attack On Success Anymore, What he Did Next Was Amazing!


Actor and well known libertarian Rob Lowe is so sick and tired of Bernie Sanders’ attack on success that he lashed out on Twitter – and it was awesome.

The former West Wing star took it a step further by sharing a clip from the show, including opinions he has in common with his character, Sam Seaborn:

“I pay my fair share. and the fair share of 26 other Americans,” Seaborn points out in the clip.

You’ve come a long way since the Atlanta Democratic Convention a few decades ago, Rob. I have to say I like Conservative Rob Lowe rather than Liberal/Socialist Rob Lowe. Bernie’s voters are voting not for a government but for Robin Hood, a guy who robs from imaginary “wealthy people” a.k.a. The middle class to give to them. They honestly think the progressive wealth transfer machine is an efficient means of achieving prosperity. Pathetic.

Note to impoverished Democrat voters: The government is skimming from the loot and leaving you with peanuts. They are on the gravy train, building the next posh government office and getting their new g-cars while you’re getting the scraps.

H/T – Breitbart

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