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Who Does Actor Tim Allen Support For the Election? It Just Might Surprise You!


Television star and comedian Tim Allen plays a very conservative character on his sitcom Last Man Standing. Allen is also a conservative in real life, something rare in the ├╝berliberal world of Hollywood.

Allen appeared with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly last night to share his thoughts on the 2016 election. He also told Kelly who he is supporting for the presidency. In what may be a surprise, Allen said he likes Ohio Governor John Kasich.

Via Fox News Insider:

Allen, who plays a conservative character on the hit sitcom “Last Man Standing” and is also a conservative in real-life, said he’s a fan of John Kasich.

He explained that he likes the Ohio governor’s resume and his ” heart.”

“I know this might be the kiss of death for him, but he’s almost a Republican the Democrats would like,” Allen said.

Allen went on to crack a joke about Hillary supporters and how they feel it’s ‘about time’ for a woman to be in the White House.

“So one of us said, ‘If it was Sarah Palin, would it still be about time?” Allen said. “Boy, it looked like they all ate bad fish.”

Check out this clip of Allen shredding Democrats on his show, Last Man Standing:

Comment: How do you feel about Tim Allen’s support of Kasich? Do you like his show Last Man Standing, or have you never seen it? Tell us your thoughts below.

For all of you Kasich supporters, check out this page dedicated to everything John Kasich.


Comments on “Who Does Actor Tim Allen Support For the Election? It Just Might Surprise You!”

  1. Maureen says:

    If you are a fan of Tim Allen, this is no surprise! He makes his views well known on his show! What a refreshing change from the rest of the crap Hollywood drowns us with! Way to go Tim!!!!