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After Obama Left Cuba, Illegal Immigrants Got THIS Handout!

Illegal Immigrants

What an embarrassment Obama’s trip to Cuba was!

After a trip with the goal of  making sure Cuba knew “that the United States is not a hostile nation seeking regime change, that in fact we can’t be blamed for challenges in Cuba, and that . . . we are there as a source of support for the Cuban people,” it’s hard to imagine that we’ll be viewed as intended.

The Cuban government needs their people to view the United States as an enemy. Who else are they going to scapegoat for the problems their Socialist system has created?

Once Obama left, Fidel Castro blasted the President, stating that “Listening to the words of the US president could give anyone a heart attack.” In response to a speech where Obama said that Cuba should allow Democratic elections, Castro said that “Obama gave a speech in which he used the most syrupy words. Nobody has any illusion that the people of this noble and selfless country will surrender glory and rights and the spiritual wealth that has come through the development of education, science and culture”

He ended by saying that they “don’t need any help from the empire.”

So it’s clear that the Cubans didn’t welcome us with open arms. But as a new report from the Washington Examiner shows, we’re welcoming their illegal immigrants with the best hospitality.

Thousands of Cubans rushing the U.S. border in record numbers are being greeted with a Welcome Wagon operation the provides them with taxpayer-funded benefits including cash, a Social Security card, food stamps, and Medicaid, according to a review of the latest immigration crisis on the border.

During a field trip to the Laredo, Texas crossing point, two experts from the Center for Immigration Studies documented how Cubans are provided with the services free of charge in a storefront operation set up by a Cuban immigrant, who even provides housing and schedules transportation to Miami.

She highlighted the help Cubans received immediately after crossing the border in Laredo. “As the islanders leave the port of entry at Bridge 1 they are greeted by a banner immediately across the street, which reads ‘Welcome Cubans To The Land of Liberty and Opportunity.’ The welcoming banner hangs from the offices of the non-profit organization Cubanos en Libertad (Cubans in Liberty),” she wrote.

The office is manned by a Cuban immigrant, Alejandro Ruiz, who shows the border-crossers what America has to offer. They said that he is likely subsidized by taxpayers through a refugee resettlement provider.

“Ruiz explained that he takes Cuban migrants to the Health and Human Services offices to get access to TANF (cash welfare), SNAP (food stamps), and Medicaid. During our visit he also showed us two envelopes with Social Security cards ready to be picked up by newly arrived islanders. Additionally, Ruiz gave us a checklist that he gives the migrants, which notes all the documents they need to have in order to acquire a work permit. While the Cubans wait for all their benefits to be in order, Ruiz provides them a place to stay,” wrote Luna.

He also steers them to another Cuban-run office that provides $300 bus tickets to Miami, home to the nation’s biggest Cuban population. A typical Greyhound ticket costs $167, indicating a profit of over $130 each.

H/T: The Washington Examiner

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