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After Speaker Ryan Said THIS, I Know He’s Not On Our Side This Election!

Trump Muslim Ban

A temporary ban is a common sense strategy, which is why Rep. Paul Ryan doesn’t get it.

Just in case people are following Barack Obama’s speech today and thought he attacked Donald Trump word for word you are sadly mistaken. Trump has given specifics on his ban.

Temporary ban all Muslims from countries with ties to exporting and involved in terror attacks and terrorist organizations. Once we “figure out what is going on, and have a plan to deal with it, as well as properly vet Muslims, we will lift the ban.” He stated it in his new conference. (not an exact quote, but pretty close). He did note, which as president he could do this without Congress, using his Executive Authority.

Works for me.

From Paul Ryan’s video below:

This was another act of war against America by radical Islam. The same time, let’s also be clear: members of the LGBT community were the targets. They were simply attacked for who they are. This is an ideology that rejects who we are as a country. Open, tolerant, free. It preys on the vulnerable and the insecure seeking to radicalize them into murderers. This is a threat that knows no borders. This is a threat that can not be contained. This is a threat that simply must be defeated.

I do not think a Muslim ban is in our country’s interest. I do not think it is reflective of our principles not just as a party but as a country and I think the smarter way to go in all respects is to have a security test and not a religious test.

Watch the speech segment here:

Unbelievable! Another statement based on political correctness. Understands there is a threat but doesn’t want to do anything about it because it would hurt peoples feelings. What a waste of the office he holds.

Voters are uneasy with Ryan because they don’t know where in the hell his head is, but it’s not with the electorate this election cycle.

I don’t think he understands there is a threat. Or if he does, he believes it’s a threat with acceptable losses.

Someone somewhere needs to publicly acknowledge that emigration is a form of jihad. The people doing it are the ones who refer to it that way. It’s not racist to hear and comprehend threats openly communicated to you. Our policies are being exploited by those who seek to harm us. Our elected officials need to prioritize our security instead of bending themselves into pretzels trying not to offend.

What do you think is going on in Ryan’s head? Has he checked out of this election? How was he helping Donald Trump by saying things like this? Leave your comments below and let me know if you think Ryan is sabotaging the Republican chances of being Hillary Clinton.



  1. Jerry says:

    at last, something positive from Ryan.

  2. wynswn55 says:

    Paul Ryan Has Been A Failure As A Leader. Granted He Took This Speaker Of The House Position Without Really Wanting To. However At Least We Got A Preview Of His Dream of Being President
    Of The United States. The Man Needs BACKBONE! He Hasn’t Finetuned The Channel.

  3. Richard says:

    The phony Rhino Paul Ryan has let his true liberal/progressive support of Obama “out of the closet” once again. The 1st Amendment outlines the exercise for freedom of religion by ALL CITIZENS. There is absolutely nothing contained within the 1st Amendment regarding immigrants. Trump has more than once has indicated that a ban on Muslims entering our country is a TEMPORARY step to identify and neutralize the radical Islamic doctrine of world conquest in the name of Islam that a majority of Muslims support. When the political doctrine of Islam is a key
    and integral part of the ideology of practicing Muslims the two- religious and political ideologies cannot be separated. The world is a powder keg fixing to blow-up and destroy the societies of the world as we know them. Why is it so hard for this RHINO and the liberal/progressives to see these basic facts. The efforts in the Middle East being waged against the Muslim peoples and other religious sects by ISIS clearly and without any confusion proclaim that in accordance with the teachings of Mohammad and the Koran it is the duty of every devout Muslim to “destroy and kill” every one who does not accept and refuses to bow down to the teachings of Islam. ISIS and the radical Islamic terrorist is the equal to NAZI Germany and the NAZI doctrine. We didn’t let NAZIS freely roam our country during war and neither should we allow the followers of ISLAM such freedoms in this day and time. There is no doubt, WE ARE AT WAR WITH A DEADLY ENEMY! and our government is doing everything to aid and abet these primitive, barbarian invaders. Have our elected representatives drank so much of Obama’s Kool-Aid” that they have lost all sense of patriotism and civic duty to their constituents??

  4. Marilyn says:

    Ryan disappoints me more and more every day. The attack in Orlando was not just an attack on the LGBT community. It was an attack on an America that the Islamic ideology blames for allowing such a club to exist. 9/11 wasn’t LGBT. The Boston Bombing wasn’t LGBT. These Islamic Muslim terrorists hate America and everything about America. When will enough be enough? When will we join forces, abandon political correctness, and work toward defeating jihadists?

  5. Bob says:

    That asshat . . . its not a religious test . . how many christian, jewish, greek orthodox or other kind of religion has committed terrorism on the scale that radical islam has . . . didn’t your mamma teach you that you are known by the company you keep? . .

  6. Lou says:

    lets call for ryan to go

  7. Steven says:

    There is only one speech that Paul Ryan could give that would interest me…his resignation.

  8. Gary says:

    What is going on in Ryan head is he is about to lose his job. The voters at home in Wisconsin are about to recall his RINO ass. Ryan goes with the wind.