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After Supreme Court Ruled Against Obama He Showed His TRUE COLORS!

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Liberal leaders continue to lie to the American people about illegal immigration but the Supreme Court shut down Barack Obama’s amnesty program and for a small glimpse of justice prevailing, we win.

It appears that the esteemed Constitutional Law part-time adjunct, Obama, tried to overreach with his Administration’s rules to “shield millions of migrants from deportation,” in essence, yet another instance whereby “Obama [is guilty of] exceeding his executive authority [in an effort to] to bypass Congress.”

This is not the first time that Imperial President Obama’s questionable edicts are the subject matter of judicial review, and have been curtailed.

Moreover, Obama’s clone, Hillary Clinton, voiced her concern in noting: “Today’s heartbreaking SCOTUS immigration ruling could tear apart five million families facing deportation. We must do better.” Deplorably, the illegal and criminal entry into our country by those affected did not have a place in her philosophical formation.

From Fox News:

Since the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, there have been issues where the court splits evenly. That’s exactly what happened Thursday when the high court tied 4-4 in the case of whether President Obama’s Executive Action on immigration was unconstitutional and unlawful.

The 4-4 tie upholds a lower court injunction, which blocked enforcement of the president’s plan. That means a victory for the separation of powers and a sound blow to President Obama’s lawless power-grab.

While the tie vote does not establish any national precedent and applies specifically to this single case out of Texas, it should send a powerful message to this president: impatient presidents don’t get to change the law.

There is no written opinion when there is a 4-4 tie – just a one-sentence per curium order. So, we did not hear specifically from the Justices themselves on this issue.

But we did hear from President Obama, who sharply criticized the court for failing to issue a decision on the merits of the case.

“The fact the Supreme Court wasn’t able to issue a decision today doesn’t just set the system back even further, it takes us further back from the country we want to be,” the president said.

BTW, isn’t it interesting to note that if liberals weren’t so quick and eager to murder their unborn children while still within the womb, then they wouldn’t be in the position of needing illegal immigrants to stuff the ballot boxes on their behalf? If the Democrats ever want to avoid extinction and win elections then they really and truly need to dump Roe v. Wade sooner or later or else they will find themselves on the wrong side of history!

“I promise you this, though, sooner or later immigration reform will get done. Congress is not going to be able to ignore America forever,” Obama said, throwing down the gauntlet to Republicans.

Be careful what you wish for Mr. President. “Reform” doesn’t mean pathway to citizenship. Reform could come in the form of much stricter immigration rules and enforcement. This too would be defined as immigration reform and is just about the only option you have left us with. Reform needs to include stiff penalties for government agencies that don’t enforce immigration laws.

What do you think about Obama’s overreach? Do you agree with the Supreme Court decision to block his amnesty program? Share your unadulterated opinion below in the comment section and add this to your Facebook and Twitter wall.


Comments on “After Supreme Court Ruled Against Obama He Showed His TRUE COLORS!”

  1. Barbara says:

    This guy has been trying to rule like a king. and I don’t trust him at all. He has gotten people killed. And the road he is trying to take us down is no good. He needs to be removed now before some disaster hits us. And what got me the most lately is that when the Fla Gov. asked for emergence aid for the victums –the rat said no. What is going to happen if something terrible happens and we need our military to help. obama has crippled them. There should be a load voice heard to to kick the bugger out of office now. FAST.!! WE CANT AFFORD TO KEEP HIM AROUND EVER. WE ARE ON THE LINE PEOPLE.