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After Takeoff, This Pilot Realizes He Has a Surprise Guest On Board!


When Frenchmen Romain Jantot took a passenger onto his glider and headed into the sky, he was probably expecting a gentle flight over the countryside punctuated by the occasional gasp of “ooh” and “ah.”

Instead, he got a rude surprise when a cat emerged from the wing and crawled over to the cockpit.

Take a look at the video below, specifically the .15 second mark. It’s as if the cat is saying “yep, this is a regular Monday for me.”

Fear not, the cat is now perfectly safe. As the video reveals, Jantot landed the glider and the fur ball nonchalantly jumped off the wing, probably into the loving arms of an owner who was worried sick.

Pets these days.

H/T: WTSP News

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