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Bernie And Hillary Asked How They Would Deal With Trump; Watch Their Ridiculous Answers!


How is it that Hillary Clinton claims she will control Wall Street, yet she has received enormous sums of money from Goldman Sachs for speeches. And lets not even mention her “confidential” speeches to their employees. Why can’t we even see the transcripts of those speeches?

Now we find out that she’s also taking money from Monsanto??? AND we’re supposed to believe that she has our best interests at heart. YEAH RIGHT!

She uses an illegal email server for top secret information. In one of those emails she names four confidential informants, and three of them are now dead. But, the liberal media sweeps it under the rug.

I do not like Bernie Sanders because he is feeding our young people with lies and false promises. He can’t promise or deliver free universal healthcare, nor can he promise and give free education based on taxing Wall Street’s profits. This is madness.


From Reuters:

Near the end of a Michigan debate that featured sharp clashes over trade and the auto industry bailout, as well as a lengthy discussion of religion, Clinton and Sanders both said they could not wait to face the brash billionaire in the Nov. 8 election to succeed Democratic President Barack Obama.

“I think Donald Trump’s bigotry, his bullying, his bluster, are not going to wear well on the American people,” Clinton said. “We have to end the divisiveness, we have to unify the country.”

Sanders said he would “love” to run against Trump and noted many opinion polls showed him faring better against him than Clinton did. He and Clinton urged voters to compare the substance of their debate with the Republican versions, which last week featured name-calling and Trump defending his penis size.

“We are, if elected president, going to invest a lot of money in mental health,” Sanders said, then cracked a joke. “And when you watch these Republican debates, you know why we need to invest in mental health.”

This should be a rout for Donald Trump.  His attack ads will be factual and damning against Clinton. There is so much against her; the public will start remembering and thinking, “Oh yeah, I forgot about that “she did lie about that.” Sanders has been part of the system for 20 years. He will do what he is told by the DNC. They own both Clinton and Sanders.

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