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AIMLESS OBAMA: “We Don’t Have a Strategy Yet” for ISIS

President Barack Obama admitted that he has no plan for combating ISIS during a question and answer session Thursday from the White House press briefing room.

 “I don’t want to put the cart before the horse. We don’t have a strategy yet.

In the same press conference, President Obama said that the airstrikes (which have taken place without a strategy, apparently) have been successful so far in destroying some of the group’s ammunition.

Is this the kind of leader the United States needs?


Comments on “AIMLESS OBAMA: “We Don’t Have a Strategy Yet” for ISIS”

  1. Chrissy says:

    Why on earth do people not see that this man is playing dumb on purpose! He is destroying America, people are being killed tortured beheaded because of him and people like him! There is not a man on the face of this earth that, if they were in the same position to do something, they would sit back and do nothing and play dumb! Can’t people see the true root of all this evil happening? It’s him and others like him! He stood before Americans and promised change and change we got. What he meant was destruction! People are saying he is a weak president, HA he is dumb as a fox! He isn’t weak he’s evil! Where is the common sense? Americans have fought for freedoms from people like him forever and he plays the race card to get in the position he is in today to destroy us! And to all people of color he is using you! making you dependent on his government. You are all going to hit rock bottom because of this man! As a whole our country isn’t racist! He is making it this way! The poor will become poorer, and they will blame it on racism when what it really is , is an attempt to weaken the weakest and blame white people. Americans citizens can stop this by fighting back, black and white working together to stand up for America together. Sure there will be the bad folks who are ignorant to what’s right and what’s wrong, but they make up very few of us! When I look at a man or woman or child I don’t see color. I look into the eyes of another human being just like myself. There is only one way to stop this mess! No matter the religion or non religion, if you are a Legal citizen and a true blue American then stand beside one another and say NO MORE! There are white thugs and black thugs and Mexican thugs and Indian thugs and so on. We cannot continue to take a few and label the rest! I just want to scream STOP the madness! Take our home back! Make it strong by working together! I am so tired of seeing all the crap that this man has created! Okay listen, Obama was caught red handed several times on microphone before each election making deals with the very same people that are decapitating people and with Putin, the same man threatening nuclear war! Very few people payed attention. Now we have to live in fear daily that ISIS is here in our country now ready to strike. And where do you think Obama will be when it starts happening? Not going down with the ship that’s where! Get this straight. It will be Us the American citizens dying fighting and watching as we see our children suffer and see things children shouldn’t see. Are we done now with the race card? Are we done with Obama and his sick government? Send illegals home close borders and go bomb the crap out of every radical asshole before we all suffer anymore and do it together. No matter religion or race work together and as ONE NATION UNDER GOD!