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Angry Airline Passenger Decides To BARE ALL Her Frustrations!

airline passenger

I am all for this one!

You are standing in line at the airport waiting for your TSA turn and it’s taking forever. You are getting frustrated because you have a flight to catch and the line doesn’t seem to be moving like you want it to. So what do you do? Well the young woman in the picture above decided to take it all off in preparation to be searched and it caused a frenzy at Virgin Airlines.

For some reason they didn’t like it but for others they will probably see this action as a freedom of choice and lifestyle. I thought it was righteous! If homosexuals are allowed to be married and its is completely okay then why not let her walk with her underwear? Why is not okay for her walking as she did?

You might say that’s apples and oranges but it’s all fruit in the same bowl in my opinion. Yet on another airline a girl was kicked off for having her shorts too short and those were longer than these ones! So odd this world of ours.

From Daily Mail:

Oblivious to the shock of the people in the queue behind her, the otherwise smartly-attired lady, who is wearing a beige blazer and a pair of black ballet pumps, leans against the counter as the member of staff in front of her makes a phone call.

The picture, which was uploaded to Reddit by user Deftones1 with the caption: ‘Meanwhile at the airport’, attracted plenty of confused comments.

One person questioned whether the air conditioning had broken down at the airport, because the Virgin America employee also appeared to be suffering from the heat with two electric fans directed at her face.

A Virgin America spokesperson told MailOnline Travel: ‘We’re the only airline based in California – and we’re known for doing things differently as an airline and for being a bit cheeky ourselves, so we welcome all travelers.

‘With custom-designed, mood-lit cabins and touch-screen entertainment and WiFi at every seat on every flight, we encourage our guests to kick back and relax when they fly us — our guest clearly took that message to heart.’

It comes just a few months after a former primary school teacher took off her skirt while going through airport security at London Stansted Airport.

The woman was arrested by police after she undressed in front of a queue of passengers.

The passenger had arrived at the airport just 90 minutes before her flight to Barcelona and said she was among a number of flyers who grew agitated while waiting in the security queue.

After she finally stepped through the body scanner, the passenger was told staff considered her to be dangerous and was accused of being on drugs, so she stripped off in a desperate attempt to show she was not concealing anything on her person.

Now this guy should have been locked up for what he did! This shouldn’t even be legal! What is wrong with these people?

It’s her own choice whatever she wears, we should respect her personal life. Maybe she’s headed to Rio for Olympics. It would be practical for airport security to control terrorist attacks if all passengers were wearing underwear, just saying.

Do you have any problem with this young lady’s ehhh..attire? Share your opinion below in the comment section and let me know what you think.