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Al Sharpton Mangles ‘Ted Screwtch’ Presidential Announcement


MSNBC’s Al Sharpton is a perpetual fountain of inadvertent humor, constantly mangling the English language and consistently unable to read a teleprompter.

With that, the good folks over at Digitas Daily have created a segment called Prompter Nation that highlights Sharpton as the least intelligent man in media.

The following version manages to derive a good number of communication gaffes by the MSNBC host in just a short period of time. Those gaffes include references to children’s writer “Dr. Zeus,” GOP presidential candidate “Ted Screwtch,” and an accusation that Mr. Screwtch is “allegable” to run because he was born in Canada.

Watch the train wreck that is Sharpton below…

Via Right Scoop:

As before, it seems talking about Canada really tends to send Al Sharpton into Prompter Hypoxia. This time, he’s discussing Ted Cruz and why he is a terrible thing for America. It involves a mythological god of children’s rhymes who might give you a checkup. Stay past the credits for the bonus footage, just like in any modern movie featuring gods of thunder.

Al Sharpton – Sharpest man in news. Well, at least at MSNBC.

What say you?



  1. Mike says:

    Has he paid his $4.5+ MILLION in back taxes yet? NO? I’ll check back later!

  2. alan says:

    This message poorly brought too you by Affirmative action