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Alaskan Lawmaker: Obama Is ‘Completely Whacko’

President Obama announced a plan this weekend to designate 12.2 million acres of Alaska’a public land as pristine wilderness, a move which sounds great to environmental loons but becomes a real economic issue when one considers that it contains some of the state’s richest oil and natural gas development opportunities.

In other words, energy independence takes a back seat to people who value the lives of spotted owls over their own, and spend most weekend chained to bulldozers.

Rep. Don Young (R) pointed out that the President’s move puts additional and unnecessary burdens on Alaska to develop its vast natural resources.

Young then explained why anybody would do such a ridiculous thing – President Obama “has gone completely whacko.”

Take a look …

Via The Blaze:

Young joined Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R) and Dan Sullivan (R) in a press conference reacting to Obama’s Sunday announcement. All three said the Obama administration failed to consult with Alaska’s congressional delegation at all.

King George Obama really believes he didn’t have to acknowledge laws that were passed by the Congress,” Young said. “He’s done this on numerous occasions. He ignores us, he lectures the legislative body, ‘you’re not important, I’m the king.’ “

“Disgusting for the nation, disgusting for the people,” Young added. “This man, this person has gone completely whacko. This is an attack upon the state, attack upon previous laws, attack upon the nation.”

Young went on to explain that the idea that human advancement and development can’t possibly coexist with nature, as environmentalists seem to believe, is “stupid.”

Is Young right? Has President Obama gone “completely whacko?” What other words would you use to describe the President’s environmental agenda?



Comments on “Alaskan Lawmaker: Obama Is ‘Completely Whacko’”

  1. loftonian says:

    I’m sure this is part of his deal with the new Saudi King that he made to help fund the Muslim effort . He is using the environmentalist to secure a higher earning for the oil tycoons . He is doing everything in his power to raise the price of fuel on the American people .Someone has to pay the price for all the expensive gifts that he and Michelle get from them .He said himself to enjoy the low oil prices because they wouldn’t last .I’m sure he has been promised a Kingdom in the new Muslim world for helping them take it all from us .