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Already? Trouble in Hillaryland


David Brock

Yesterday Politico reported on major trouble within some of the big-money groups Hillary-backers have assembled to get the former First Lady’s 2016 campaign off the ground. There are several groups with somewhat overlapping goals, all of which are working towards raising the cash necessary to scare any primary opponents away from challenging Hillary. It seems there’s some major animosity between them, which could tear apart a nascent Hillary campaign before it ever really gets off the ground.

Last week a “hit piece” appeared in the New York Times alleging fundraising misconduct of one of the groups, PrioritiesUSA Action, run by David Brock. In response, Brock tendered his resignation, and presumably also leaked his resignation letter for all to read, detailing what he called “an orchestrated political hit job,” alleging “current and former Priorities officials were behind this specious and malicious attack on the integrity of these critical organizations.”

Politico sees the infighting, already taking place, as an ominous sign,

The in-fighting is an ominous sign. It calls to mind the squabbles that helped sink Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. It, too, was regarded as an unrivaled cash juggernaut, but feuding among cliques of supporters stymied efforts to launch a planned big-money outside effort in time to neutralize a surprisingly robust insurgent primary challenge from Barack Obama.

This time around, her allies tried to pre-empt the sectarianism by cross-pollinating the various groups to keep everyone on the same page and minimize competition. Granholm is on the boards of both Priorities and Ready for Hillary, while Brock joined the board of Priorities, and longtime Clintonite James Carville has been paid by American Bridge for assistance with fundraising and strategic advice.

But there also are more groups competing for big checks from rich Clinton backers than there were in 2008.

In his resignation letter, Brock asserted a “serious breach of trust between organizations that are supposed to work together toward common ends has created an untenable situation that leaves me no choice but to resign my position.”

Is there a primary challenge in the work on the Left? Follow Brock’s movements. If they lead to Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden, we could see some real competition for the Clinton dynasty.

Comment below! Do you think Hillary will win the nomination or will her campaign implode again?