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Amazing Interview: George W. Bush’s Daughter Sits Down with Clint Eastwood’s Son (VIDEO)

While Clint Eastwood is busy making amazing movies – such as the box office record-breaker ‘American Sniper’, his son Scott is posing for photoshoots as an “eligible bachelor.”

Watch (below) as President George W. Bush’s daughter – Jenna Bush Hager – conducts a surprisingly insightful interview with Scott Eastwood, who clearly learned humility from his patriot father. He recommended that everyone be humble and be nice – Words of wisdom which we should all live by.



  1. Mary says:

    The video came through when I checked tonight- That was very good. Scott Eastwood is a “down to earth guy”–just like his Dad. Good job everyone involved

  2. Mary says:

    sure wish that video was posted here but just a big blank page= with a circle and an exclamination point in the middle. can you resend it?