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Amazing: Pastor So Moved By Paris Victims He Did THIS Amazing Thing!


A New York pastor was so moved by the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris, he called off his current book tour, packed up his things and delivered God to them door-to-door.

“Paris is hungry right now for prayer,” pastor Dimas Salaberrios explained, as he urged other Christians to travel to the city and spread the word of God.

Via Fox News Insider:

A New York pastor has been going door-to-door in Paris and holding public prayer services to help people heal with the power of prayer.

He told “Fox & Friends” that when they heard about the attacks they knew had to “take God into the streets” of Paris.

Salaberrios said the response from young people has been “incredible,” noting one gathering that grew from four to 60 people within a couple minutes.

He said young people said to him, “We need this prayer, we need public prayer in Paris,” and “We feel the presence of God.”

Watch the Fox & Friends segment with pastor Salaberrios below …

The pastor and his family had been on tour to promote his new book, Street God. While it’s certainly a good marketing move to promote a book with such a title by taking to the streets of Paris, it remains an important spiritual effort.

And a brave effort at that, considering a Christian is preaching God’s teachings on the same streets that just saw radical Islamic terrorists kill over 120 people.

Kudos to pastor Salaberrios!

Comment: Do you think the pastor is doing a good and/or smart thing by praying with the people of Paris? Share your thoughts.